Prince Goodwin

PRINCE GOODWIN: Revolutionary Service Record

Enlisted as “Prince Williams” in the 7th Massachusetts Regiment under Colonel Ichabod Alden in June of 1777 for a term of three years.

There is a disputed account as to Prince Goodwin’s part in the capture of General Prescott.  Particulars given (The Providence Gazette, 1821; Rhode Island Historical Tracts;pp. 26, 31, 35; Dr. James Thacher’s writings from his “Military Journal of the American Revolution” – Pilgrim Hall Museum has a collection of Dr. Thacher’s papers}) state that Prince was one of forty volunteers under the command of Col. William Barton who captured General Prescott in his quarters in Rhode Island in 1777. Prince played a role by “…butting his head through the door of Gen. Prescott’s chambers and affecting the capture of the General for Col. Barton…”Prince “…unofficially left service…” September, 1777 (National Archives Pension Records, Washington, D.C.).  Prince is the only one of the four men who did not receive a pension from the government for his services during the war.